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Prompt: 18th - 24th - Is there anything that drives you bonkers when you're reading a book and makes you want tell the author a thing or two? (submitted by C. Lee @ cleemckenziebooks)
One thing that really annoys me is when there is a little bit too much "fake it until you make it" AKA inadequate research on a topic. If an author really wants to write in detail about a topic (sports moves/fiction retelling of a historical event/medical terminology/forensics in a crime book), then they really need to understand the topic first. Or just leave it at the basics and move on with the story. I've read one too many intricate game plays that don't make any sense or medical events described that aren't a thing. These errors lose a lot of readers when the mistakes stack up to a cringe-worthy amount. The unfortunate part is that these errors usually have little to do with the overall story and are just doing more harm than good. 

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop

Prompt: What is your first book of the year?
My first book of the year is The Last Move by Mary Burton. This is a crime/thriller that has had me hooked since the first page.

"In this gripping stand-alone from bestselling author Mary Burton, an FBI agent must catch a copycat killer. The only difference this time: she’s the final victim."
This has been my nightly go-to-sleep read which has left me with some interesting dreams!

The White Headhunter: A remarkable true-life heart of darkness story

In 1868, Jack Renton, a teenage Scots sailor, was shanghaied in San Francisco. In 1876, he was rescued from captivity on the Pacific island of Malaita, home to a fearsome tribe of headhunters. After the rescue, in a sensational best-selling memoir, Renton recounted his eight-year adventure: how he jumped ship and drifted two thousand miles in an open whaleboat to the Solomon Islands, came ashore at Malaita, was stripped of his clothes, possessions and his very identity, but lived to serve the island’s tribal chief Kabou eventually as his most trusted adviser. For all the authenticity and riveting detail, however, it turns out that Renton’s chronicle glossed over key events that made him the man that Kabou said he loved, "as my first-born son."

Mining the oral history passed down in detail from generations of Malaitans, documentary filmmaker Nigel Randell has pieced together a more complete and grislier account of Renton’s experience—as a man forced to assimilate in order to s…

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Book Blogger Hop

Prompt: Did you get any books for Christmas/Holidays?
This year I did not. I have many books that I need to get through and not a lot of room to keep storing them. One of this year's goals is to cut down on the TBR pile. I did not read as many books this year as I normally do. Being "too busy" isn't really my was more so not being able to focus enough to read. A goal of mine that goes along with making my way through the TBR is to review 1 book per month. Now to pick one to start...

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The Leper Messiah: A Fictional Look at the Early Life of King David

Sometimes we just need a dark page-turner. The Leper Messiah is that book. This grand adventure follows one of the greatest heroes of the western world, David, and draws the reader deeply into the ancient world. The David Code: Unlock the ancient secrets of Egyptian mysticism and the Hebrew desert world. For the Ark of the Covenant, the powerful voice of the Rose, and King David's adventures as a young boy.....are all cloaked in the robes of the Leper Messiah.

Haunting Journey to Destiny A Fictional Look at the Early Life of King David Toronto, Canada – One of the most prominent names in the Bible is that of King David, who is a significant spiritual figure in the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The story of “David and Goliath” has become one of the most recognizable tropes in our culture.
The Leper Messiah, by Robert M. Levinson, takes a dark, often mystical walk through the life of this iconic figure. Levinson’s book explores the forces, both human and magical, th…

Author Interview: Justin Enos

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? 

Asking me where I am from has always been a tough question for me to answer. Does the person asking mean where was I born, or where did I grow up, or where do I currently live? All vastly different answers. My father was in the military so we bounced around quite a bit. Two foreign countries and five US states to be exact. Right now I live in Portland, Oregon, but will be moving soon. Even as an adult I am a nomad! I have enjoyed writing ever since I was a kid and always did well on creative writing assignments in school. It wasn't until about ten years ago that I started giving serious thought to writing for a living. Coming up with ideas for stories has never been a problem for me, I have notebooks full of maps, histories, religions, character descriptions and so forth. My problem was sitting down and actually writing chapter one. Finally about four years ago I finally buckled down and began writing in earnest, every singl…